Cheetos, Sparkling Wine, and Crabs!🔥🦀🥂

Getting our house ready to get listing pictures taken may have cost me my marriage BUT who cares?!? The house (not including the closets-see picture) looks better than it has ever looked!!

I survived doing 75% of the work by myself off of cheese curls, prosecco, and a half a dozen crabs. That is literally what I ate on Friday.

Through this process I learned/was reminded of a few important things:

1. You should always have someone come out and give you feedback on what you should do to prep your home. Even though, I am a Realtor and do this all day every day, I still had one of my team leaders walk through my house to provide feedback. Simply put, as sellers we are too close to our homes and just cannot see certain things.

2. Brian and I will fight every time when moving things or doing housework together. It’s a fact.

3. I am a perfectionist but even I had to let that go. Things may go wrong and that is ok. When I woke up on my scheduled photo shoot day, I had a plan for the day that fell apart quickly. At one point I looked outside and there were five men in bright reflective vests in my yard and in the trees fixing a powerline or something. I was convinced they would end up being in my pictures but they weren’t. You have to expect the unexpected and roll with the punches!

4. There is a saying, ”Those who can’t, teach.”. I think that applies to me. I am a better Realtor than client.

Stay tuned!

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