5 Things I have learned about myself during Quarantine...

1. I am capable of annoying everyone including but not limited to myself, my husband, and my dog. My husband has started yelling "Social distance!" when I start to really annoy him and my dog hides under his blanket most of the day. As a result I have had to find ways to stay productive and keep myself entertained including cooking more than I thought possible, working on my real estate business, cleaning, and watching Tiger King and The Masked Singer.

2. I am NOT a work out from home kind of gal. Although, I have tried a few online workouts, I can honestly really say I do not enjoy working out at home by myself. Once I acknowledged this, I started making more of an effort to just find some way to be physically active outside (e.g. walking, hiking, running, etc.)

3. An idle mind is definitely the devil's playground...for my stomach. I am definitely someone who will eat out of boredom and should NEVER be assigned to the role of rationing out food in any scenario. I have come to the realization that my calorie intake WILL increase and now I focus more on damage control than trying to win any self-discipline awards.

4. I AM able to work (somewhat) productively from home. Thankfully, real estate is still considered an "essential" job* and I am still able to work from home. I always thought I was someone who worked better from an office but am finding I really can get a lot of work done at home in a few focused hours.

*Please note, I am fully aware being a Realtor in no way compares to the real "essential" workers in the medical field and other industries like public works.

5. I needed this "Pause". Although I didn't feel completely "burnt out" per say like I had in a previous career, I definitely felt overwhelmed often pre-COVID19 and was not "living my best life". I always felt like I didn't have enough time to do everything I wanted to do. This "Pause" has allowed me to get "caught up"and evaluate room for improvement in my life.

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